Multiple Programs

The Tutor Helpers offers multiple programs to accommodate every learner.

Our programs are geared to support and coach every learner, meeting them where they are, to take them where they want to go. With our holistic total learning approach to learning, our programs are designed to foster development and success.


The Tutor Helpers advisors are actively involved in their local schools through tutoring scholarships, volunteering time, mentoring, arranging student centers and operating these learning centers in conjunction with teaching staff. This is just what we are doing with K-3 elementary students.


It is always rewarding and fulfilling to see the happy faces on the students that greet us upon arrival. The teachers are also very happy to see us and they encourage our owners’ involvement.


In the middle and high schools, we tutor, coach and mentor at-risk youth through our scholarship program. The Tutor Helpers takes our commitments seriously and we revel in the successes and lives we touch and change through our ongoing outreach.


The Tutor Helpers is part of the academic fabric that are our local K-12 school systems.

We know the curriculums, how they are taught, and how to benefit our learners with our knowledge, understanding, and experience.

We are also very involved in the academic fabric of university life. We volunteer time and offer tutorial scholarships for the collegiate level as well. We volunteer our services in a multitude of facets.

The Tutor Helpers is a national company with local appeal, feel, understanding, knowledge, and professionalism that is heralded.

Let us help. This is why we are here.

Get Started with The Tutor Helpers


Whether your desired accommodation is online or in person, let’s get started.

Take a moment and schedule your sessions. Tutoring options entail one on one in person at your home, local library, school (with principals permission), or other convenient location. Sessions may also take place exclusively online, or you may combine virtual and in person sessions at your discretion.

Custom Programs

Most students enroll in our Magna Cum Laude or Summa Cum Laude programs, while some learners only require meeting once weekly. The Tutor Helpers can design a custom format for you as needed. Our objective is to coach and tutor effectively and we recognize every learner may require more or less than our high demand programs. We can create a personalized custom program for you. Our experts will help you lay out the quantity and duration of sessions necessary to help you achieve your goals.

Achieve Greatness with The Tutor Helpers